2015 Nanka Judo Calendar

Last Updated: January 25, 2017
Jan 1 (Thur) – New’s Year Day

Jan 10 - Nanka Meeting CANCELLED and rescheduled to Jan 17.

Jan 17 (Sat) - Nanka Meeting, Gardena Japanese Cultural Center, Gardena CA
Address: 1964 W. 162nd St., Gardena, Ca 90247
Time 2:00-4:00 pm

Jan 17 (Sat) - Kagami Biraki New Year’s Ceremony,
Hosted by Soko Joshi, Palo Alto, and San Jose Buddhist Judo Clubs from 10am-2pm at Palo Alto Buddhist Temple, 2751 Louis Rd., Palo Alto, Ca. 94303

Jan 18 (Sun) - New Year Celebration Kagami Biraki New Year's Ceremony,  Sawtelle Dojo
Jan 18 (Sun) - Hayastan Shiai (FLYER) Hollywood CA
Jan 18 (Sun) - Mike Swain Judo Clinic at OCJTC, Garden Grove CA
Jan 18 (Sun) - Inaugural Sensei Fumio Ike Ikeda Memorial Tournament, West Clovis, Fresno CA  Jeff Takeda 559-434-3459

Jan 25 (Sun) - San Fernando Kohaku Tournament Scrimage and Judo Clinic, Pacoima CA
Jan 30/31 (Fri/Sat) - PSJA Kata Clinic with Eiko Sheperd  San Diego CA

Jan 31 (Sat) - USA Cup (Flyer) Judo Point Tournament, Delray FL

Feb 1 (Sun) - Cherry Blossom Open Judo Tournament (Flyer) Delray FL
Feb 1 (Sun) - PSJA Kata Clinic with Eiko Sheperd   San Diego CA
Feb 1 (Sun) – Super Bowl

Feb 7 (Sat) - Arizona State Open Judo Championships, Glendale AZ

Feb 7/8 (Sat/Sun) - 12th Annual FitExpo, LA Convention Center, Los Angeles www.thefitexpo.com

Feb 8 (Sun) - Sensei Memorial Tournament (FLYER) San Jose CA

Feb 14 (Sat) - Valentine's Day

Feb 21 (Sat) - Yuuki No Shiai (Flyer) "Scrimmage for Disabled Judo Players", Riverside Judo, Riverside CA
Feb 22 (Sun) - 2nd Annual Sensei John Ogden Shiai, Bellflower CA

MARCH 2015
Mar 1 (Sun) - Clovis Judo Tournament, Fresno CA  Go to www.clovisjudoclub.com > calendar of events

Mar 6 (Fri) - Application Deadline to Nanka Jr Promotion Board
Mar 7 (Sat) -  CHP Judo Shiai Goltz Judo, Claremont CA

Mar 8 (Sun) - Mojica Judo Club Scrimmage Tournament REV1, Baldwin Park CA
Mar 13/14/15) - Edmonton International Judo Championships, Edomnton Canada

Mar 14 (Sat) - Nanka Meeting
Mar 14 (Sat) - Nanka Jr Promotion Board Meeting (right after Nanka Meeting)

Mar 21 (Sat) - Ocean State International, Warwich, RI

Mar 21 (Sat) - Nanka Referee Rules Clinic, Taishi Judo Club, Carson CA
Mar 22 (Sun) -Taishi 5th Annual Invitational Judo Tournament REV1,   Northview HS, Covina CA

Mar 29 (Sun) - Nanka Spring Jr/Sr Judo Tournament REV1, Westminster High School, Westminster CA

APRIL 2015
April 5 (Sun) - EASTER

April 11/12 (Sat/Sun) – USA Judo Scholastics, Irving TX
April 18 (Sat) – SBJudo Casino Nite, Torrance CA
April 18 (Sat) - Nanka Development Clinic - Judo Legends, San Fernando Dojo, Pacoima CA
April 18/19 - Collegiate National Championships, West Point, NY
April 18 (Sat) - High Desert / Duel of the Desert Judo Tournament
April 26 (Sun) - Ogden Scrimmage (Flyer), Bellflower, CA

MAY 2015
May 2/3 (Sat/Sun) - USA Senior Nationals, Irving TX

May 9/10 (Sat/Sun) - CJI State Championships REV4, Cerritos College, Norwalk CA

May 10 (Sun) – Mother’s Day
May 14-16 (Thur-Sat) - Budo Nord Cup and Training Camps, Lund, Sweden   www.lugijudo.org

May 16 (Sat) - Nanka Installation and Awards Banquet

May 17 (Sun) – West Coast Invitational Judo Championships (REV4) Westminster HS, Westminster CA

May 30 (Sat) - Nanka Meeting, LACC, Los Angeles from 10am to Noon
May 30 (Sat) - 2016 Nationals Meeting (right after Nanka Meeting) from Noon to 2pm

May 25 (Mon) – Memorial Day

JUNE 2015

June 6 (Sat) - Ryan Reeser Clinic, Barstow CA
June 7 (Sun) - Barstow Judo Tournament, Barstow CA
June 14 (Sun) - Nanka Development Novice Tournament, Baldwin Park CA
June 15-19 - San Jose Judo Camp, San Jose CA
June 19-21 (Fri-Sun) - USA Judo International Jr/Sr Training Camp (Week Before Jr Olympics), Garland TX
June 20 (Sat) - Sensei Gary Shiai, Goltz Judo

June 21 (Sun) – Father’s Day

June 26/27 (Fri/Sat)– USA Jr Olympics, Irving TX
June 28 (Sun) - USA Jr Olympics Internationals, Irving TX

JULY 2015
July 2-4(Thur-Sat) - Greatest Judo Training Camp on Earth, Mattews NC. Alain Wilkinson will be giving the referee clinic.

July 10/11/12 (Fri/Sat/Sun) – USJF/ USJA Junior and Senior Nationals, Indianapolis IN  www.jajf2015.com

Junior Nationals Entry Packet
Senior Nationals Entry Packet

Jun 13 (Sat) - Hanabi Judo's 50th Anniversary Celebration Albany CA

July 14-19 - USA Junior Open, Fort Lauderdale, FL

July 19 (Sun) California State Games – Jesse Jones Memorial Tournament http://www.calstategames.org/s-judo.html

July 26 (Sun) - West Coast Free Style Judo Scrimmage, Bellflower CA

July 29/30/31 (Wed/Thur/Fri) - Special Olympics Judo World Games, Los Angeles CA 
The 2015 Special Olympics World Games will take place in LA from July 25 to Aug 2, 2015.  Some 7,000 athletes with an intellectual disability will participate in the event and 500.000 spectators are expected to watch the Games. Source:  http://www.la2015.org/about-org

Supporting Special Olympics Sponsorship and Support and Athlete Forms

July (Sun) - California State Games


Aug 9 (Sun) - Nikkei Games Judo Championships, Long Beach Pyramid, Long Beach CA

Aug 15 (Sat) - Nanka General Meeting and Elections - 10am to 1pm at San Fernando Japanese Community Center, 12953 Brandord Street,  Pacoima CA 91331

Aug 15 (Sat) - Nanka Sr Promotion Meeting (Right after)

Aug 16 (Sun) - 25th Annual Golden State Open REV1 (Jr Point Tournament), Pomona CA

August 16 (Sun) - Nissei Week "Grand Parade", Little Tokyo, Los Angeles CA
Judo Pioneers - Roy Moore Jr and Jerry Hays  http://www.niseiweek.org/events-festival/

Aug 22/23 (Sat/Sun) - Fit Expo, Anahiem Convention Center

Aug 29 (Sat) - Application Deadline to  Nanka Junior (Aki Yokoyama) and Senior Promotion Board (Nori Bunasawa)

Aug 30 (Sun) - Bojuka Judo Tournament Seaside HS, Seaside CA 
Aug 30 (Sun) - Hayastan Grappling Challenge  Hollywood, CA

Sept  7 (Mon) - LABOR DAY

Sept 13 (Sun) – Nanka Fall Jr & Sr Judo Tournament REV3, Westminster High School, Westminster CA 

Sept 13 (Sun) - 29th Annual EBJI Invitational Judo Tournament, El Cerrito HS, El Cerrito CA  http://www.ebji.org/registration/.

Sept 19  (Sat) - Nanka and 2016 Nationals Meeting, Nishi Honganji Buddhist Church, 815 E 1st Street, Los Angeles 10am to 2pm

Sept 19  (Sat) - Nanka Jr Promotion Board Meeting (Right After Nanka Meeting)
Sept 19 (Sat) - Nanka Sr Promotion Board Meeging (Right After Nanka Meeting)

Sept 27 (Sun) – West Covina Sensei Marshall Kiyohiro Memorial Novice Judo Tournament, West Covina CA

Oct 3 (Sat) - Citadel Shopping Extravaganza West Covina Fundraiser, Los Angeles CA
Oct 3 (Sat) - Mojica Judo Clinic with Christine Penick Lincoln, Esther Snyder, Baldwin Park CA
Oct 10 (Sat) – Dr Z Memorial Club Shiai, Goltz Judo
Oct 10 (Sat) - Artur Kenam Fundraiser Social

Oct  11 (Sun) – Nanka Open Judo Team Championships REV2 Westminster HS, Westminster CA 

Oct 10/11 (Sat/Sun) -  Wild West Judo Classic, Phoenix AZ
Oct 16 (Fri) - Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy Referee & Rules Clinic, Las Vegas, NV
Oct 17 (Sat) - Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy Invitational Judo Tournament, Las Vegas, NV
Oct 18 (Sun) -  2nd Annual Western Conference Championships of the National Collegiate Judo Association, UC Davis CA
Oct 25 (Sun) - 2nd Annual West Coast Free Style Judo Scrimmage, Bellflower CA
Oct 31 (Sat) - HALLOWEEN
Oct 31 (Sat) - Haruo Imamura College Cup, Fresno CA

Nov 1 (Sun) - Fresno Judo Club Invitational Judo Tournament, Fresno CA
Nov 5,6,.7 (Thur/Fri/sat) - USJF Teachers Certification Clinic, Seatle WA
Nov 6 (Fri) - PSJA Kata Clinic with Eiko Sheperd  Oceanside CA
Nov 7 (Sat) - Continental Judo Crown Tournament (Level E), Seattle WA
Nov 8 (Sun) - Mojica 20th Anniversary Judo Tournament, Baldwin Park, CA

Nov 14 (Sat) - Nanka Meeting (Change of Venue) to Valley Judo Club, 8850 Lankershim Blvd, Sun Valley Ca 91352 from 2 - 4pm

Nov 15 (Sun) -  PSJA Veteran’s Judo Tournament, Vista CA
Nov 21 (Sat) - Guererros "Little Judoka" Tournament, La Puente CA
Nov 22 (Sun) - President's Cup, Irving TX

Nov 26 (Thur) - THANKSGIVING

Dec 5 ((Sat) - Judo Takedown Clinic featuring Nori Bunsawa, Murrieta CA
NOTE: Winter Nationals Date Change:
Dec 11 (Fri) – Winter Nationals Coaches Clinic  http://judowinternationals.com/
Dec 12 (Sat) – USJA/USJF Winter Nationals  http://judowinternationals.com/

Dec 15/16 (Tue/Wed) - TriValley Judo Clinic with Tony Lettner, TriValley CA

Dec 25 (Fri) - CHRISTMAS

Dec 31 (Thur) - NEW YEAR'S EVE


Nanka Judo Yudansha-kai
(Southern California Black Belt Judo Association)
1279 Ritner Street, Torrance CA 90502
Phone: 310-222-8690Email: NankaOffice@aol.com
Nanka Yudanshakai Website: www.NankaJudo.comJuly 14-19 - USA Junior Open, Fort Lauderdale, FL